Protect your

Home Network

Protect yourself and your family from malicious, pornographic, gambling websites, and annoying pop-up ads that appear at every corner.

Web Filtering

Flexible and user-friendly content blocking


Stop look-alike domains with 100% accuracy

Stop Ransomware

Isolating the network but not affecting business applications

Protect Remote Work

Enforce internet usage policies without VPN slowness

Strengthen your defence-in-depth strategy

Cybersecurity is a game of layers. No one cybersecurity solution is 100% effective. Whether you have traditional endpoint or firewall protection, a DNS firewall is critical.

CyberDNS adds a cost-effective, low-maintenance layer to your cybersecurity footprint. By monitoring and analyzing your DNS traffic, CyberDNS can block users from accessing malicious websites, prevent phishing attacks, and even stop malware already on your network from accessing the internet. 

Protection for wherever your users are logging on

CyberDNS Off-Network Protection extends the protection of a DNS layer of cybersecurity to laptops, phones and other devices even when users are logging on from outside your network.

The added feature of CyberDNS uses remote clients to secure your devices for a hybrid working and learning environment.

Get full deployment in minutes, device management, network management and device reporting.

“There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked.” 

Robert S. Mueller

Why Choose CyberDNS

Threat protection and content filtering should be easy. CyberDNS makes it simple to deploy an enterprise content filtering solution at an affordable price. You can be up and running in minutes, without any contracts or commitments.

Security Threat Protection

Protect your users from phishing, malware, ransomware, and more using our cloud-based DNS service.

Protect Users from malicious links!

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